Virus lakah Darling he caan hmangmi Barcelona star cu Premier League ah thial dawh asi

Barcelona star pakhat asi vemi Vidal cu Virus lioah a darling Sonia Isaza he nuam ngaiin caan an hmang. Vidal darling Sonia Isaza hi Colambia Fitness Model asi. Kum 10 chung a nupi a mak i;  Fitness Model Sonia Isaza he an i duh hi asi.


Virus lioah Vidal a darling Sonia Isaza cu hmunkhat ah an um i; an hmanthlak zong an post len hna.

Barcelona star Vidal hi Premier League club pawl nih an duh caah i thial dawh asi. Barcelona ah 2021 tiang lawng aum ding asi cang.

Vidal cu Newcastle le Manchester United nih cawk an i; a duhmi aa thim te lai.



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