Cristiano Ronaldo nih Juventus fans pawl ruah channak a pek hna


Cristiano Ronaldo hi Juventus chuah tak in PGS le Barcelona ah aa thial kho mi asi tiin thawngpang a rak chuak len. Nain, Cristiano Ronaldo nih Juventus ah Champion lak dingin ka um ko lai tiin a chim.



Cristiano Ronaldo le Juventus cu Champion League round 16 in an sung i; coach thar Pirlo channak Champion lak dingin Crisriano nih a duhnak a chim.

“Season thar caah ready ka si cang. Season thar ah ka thazaang dih le ka thaimnak dih in Serie A le Champion League lak khawh kaa zuam lai. Record thar zong tuah chap dingin ka zuam lai” tiah Cristiano Ronaldo nih a chim.


Season thar caah Cristiano Ronaldo cu Coach thar Pirlo hruainak in Training zong an tuah cang.


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