Simple Fashion tein Ei Chaw Po hmanthak thar cu duh nung kho taktak

Pumrua thatnak in minthang asi mi Ei Chaw Po hi pumrua dawhnak langhter in hmanthlak dawhdawh langhter tawnmi asi. A pumrua dawhnak fashion dawhdawh a langhter tawn hna.


Ei Chaw Po pumrua thatnak hi Gym tuahna si loin aa chuah pimi asi. Pumrua thatnak caah Gym zong a tuah tawnmi asi lo nain a pumrua hi a tha ngai.


Tutan zong a pumrua dawhnak langter in hmanthlak thar he dawh taktak in a rak chuak.


A pumrua dawhnak langhter nak hmanthlak ansi.



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