NUG Cozah nih D Day thawngthanhnak a tuah cang

Sept 7

Min Aung Hlaing le ralkap tampi cu thinphang taktak in an um cang lai. Tuni September 7 ah NUG Cozah nih ralkap pawl doh dingin thawngthahnak a tuah cang. Mipi le hriamtlai phu nih an ngah pengmi D Day cu NUG Acting President nih a phuan cang.


February 1 ah ralkap nih hriamnam bochan in uknak an lak pinah minung 1,000 leng an thah hna, mipi thilri tampi zong an hrawh hna.  A nemnak in  tuah awk a that lo caah Min Aung Hlaing le ralkap vialte hi September 7 thok in nan doh cang hna lai tiah NUG Acting President a chim.





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